Rep. Kerans cheering on Ellie’s Challenge!

By April 15, 2022 News

Noting the importance of  this matching opportunity, McKenna said, “There is still time to contribute to Ellie’s Challenge. These aren’t just old buildings. They are the biggest part of our collection, and their upkeep needs financial support. We are looking to our members, friends, and business partners to donate and help us preserve Danvers’ important places.”

Representative Sally Kerans said “I hope everyone will respond to David [McKenna]’s generous challenge by contributing so that Danvers doesn’t lose any more of the sites that give our town character. We don’t have a Community Preservation Fund. David and the late Ellie Ross are giving their personal fortune to the cause of preserving Glen Magna, the Page House, Tapley Hall and scores of artifacts the Society maintains without a dime of Town funds. We have lost too many historic treasures already. Let’s all chip in to preserve what’s left”, Kerans said.

Full text:  Meeting Ellies Challenge