Eleanor Ross

Eleanor Ross Estate matching gift challenge

David McKenna is challenging YOU. 

His late mother, Eleanor Ross, left some money as part of her estate that he is willing to put up, to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations from our Members and Friends, up to a total of $30,000.00, before April 30th. This is his personal commitment to the efforts of the Society to complete the restoration programs initiated by the Trustees under the leadership of our past President, Tom Page, to ensure the preservation of the buildings left in the stewardship of the Danvers Historical Society. A donation of $100 will provide you with a one year membership and be matched!

If the new donations rise to the level of $45,000, before April 30th, David McKenna will also forgive the $15,000 loan he made to the Society in the winter of 2018, when it appeared we weren’t going to make payroll for our dedicated staff. Thanks to the foresight of Tom Page, George Saluto, Bob Young and previous Boards of Trustees in creating a more solid business plan, we have not run into a similar shortfall since.

NOW is the time to send in your gift to Match Ellie’s Challenge and support capital projects at the Danvers Historical Society.

Ellies’ Challenge:

Current Capital Projects Needing Your Support!

A handicapped restroom in the mansion at Glen Magna Farms, at a cost likely to exceed $100,000;

Mansion wings and veranda roof of the at a cost of $21,000;

The Derby Summer House needs another $100,000 for interior and window restoration;

Restore the Reaper and Milkmaid to the roof of the Derby Summer House at an estimated cost of $35,000;

Page House needs a new roof and restoration of the three dormers and a coat of paint, at an estimated cost of at least $150,000;

Tapley Hall  windows and doors, at an estimated of $27,500;

A popup irrigation system, connected to our well at Glen Magna. We have a pledge of at least $5,000 toward the estimated materials cost of $10-15,000, by a very generous member, and the installation has been pledged by another member;

The 10-Footer Shoe Shop is in the process of being restored by enthusiastic volunteers in an effort being led by new Trustee, Jack Rybicki. Aspen Roofing has generously offered to install the wood shingle roof, and the $4-5000 cost of materials has been pledged by another member of the Trustees.

Learn more in the January 2022 President’s Letter.

Planned Giving.

Do you have a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account, a Schwab Charitable Fund account, or another Donor Advised Fund?

The Danvers Historical Society welcomes gifts from DAF accounts to support our capital, operational, and programming needs.

Are you considering a legacy gift of cash, investments, real property, or a collection? Planned gifts are also accepted and celebrated! Please contact the DHS Office at 978-777-1666 to learn more about how you can support the Society through DAF or legacy giving.

On behalf of the Trustees of the Danvers Historical Society, thank you for your generosity and support of Danvers historical legacy!