Trailblazer Scholarship

By February 15, 2024 February 21st, 2024 News

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Members of the Danvers Historical Society present the Trailblazer Scholarship to a Danvers High School graduate enrolled in a secondary program. The Trailblazer scholarship acknowledges family trailblazers throughout the Town’s history, no matter how recent or from which previous generation in the student’s heritage. Trailblazers take risks and forge a path to make better lives for their families. They arrive in what we now know as Danvers from all over the world and some have been the original keepers of this land for over thousands of years. All are sharing their stories to enrich our understanding of our community and our outlook on the world. From Indigenous Peoples and Europeans who came to this area for its abundance of natural resources to those who have pursued freedoms, prosperity, and education, trailblazers have seen this area as a place to thrive and nurture their descendants.

Candidates applying to the Trailblazer Scholarship share their knowledge and experiences of how their family’s Trailblazer helped them learn valuable skills, inspired them, and how related extracurricular endeavors contributed to the desire to pursue their educational and life goals.

Please briefly discuss the following:
1) A time in your life when your family’s heritage encouraged you to learn a valuable skill or approach to life.
2) One, or two, family Trailblazers (may remain anonymous) from your life who were most influential and why. Please note the generation they are from (Parent, Grand-parent, Great-grand-parent, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, etc).
3) The program(s) and/or classes you have been involved in and how they influenced your educational goals and life pursuits.

To be eligible, a student must fulfill the following requirements: (1) be completing their senior year in Danvers High School; (2) exhibit consistent participation in one or more of, but not limited to, the following programs: Affinity Group, Prism, Model UN/Government, English Language Learning, Women of the World (3) be a candidate for post high-school studies/programs. Preference will be given to those exhibiting leadership, innovation, community service, inclusivity, and program success.

Application Procedure:
To apply for the Trailblazer scholarship, create a Going Merry account, and search under “Local Scholarships”. Contact the Danvers High School Guidance Department with further questions.
For more information, please call 978-777-1666 or email