Local Cultural Council Grant Received

By March 23, 2021 April 5th, 2021 News

3rd Graders explore typewriter and record player in museum.

The Danvers Cultural Council has granted the Danvers Historical Society in funding of the 3rd Grade History Week Program. The Grant amount, is $700.

The Danvers Historical Society is a place of preservation, education, and skill-building opportunities. The third graders from Danvers Public Schools had the extraordinary opportunity of visiting the Page House and Tapley Memorial Hall within their history curriculum. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, the 3rd Grade History Week Program quickly shifted to provide materials via Facebook and YouTube @danvershistory.

This program has been active since 1986. Sheila Cooke-Kayser, retired National Park Service Educator, became chair of the program in 2012. Sheila Cooke-Kayser trains her volunteers, and makes sure the program gives the students a comprehensive and valuable learning experience.

The 3rd Grade History Week program has benefited many families and teachers since 1986. Students have the opportunity to bring in their own favorite object and compare it to old fashioned objects, and discuss how it may change fifty years from now. Critical thinking skills are also developed using old photographs, maps and other hands-on objects.

Mass Cultural Council 2021 Grant Press Release