Straw embellished bonnet

Girl's Straw Hat

Straw, in this narrative, is use generically and encompasses cereal crop straw(wheat, rye, oats), wild grasses and palmetto. Weaving techniques progressed from Bermuda, to Bahamas, to south-eastern seaboard, then north as the palmetto industry expanded in New England. Escalating import taxes on the colonies encouraged new hat making industries during the mid 1700s.

This oval low-crowned girl’s hat is made of natural colored straw, trimmed two-end plait, corn husk flowers and natural foliage. Blue silk ruffled edging underneath a 1.5 inch brim. Tan net lining in the crown.

This hat is featured in Straw Plaiting, heritage techniques for hats, trimmings, bags and baskets by Veronica Main. Published by Heritage Crafts, Bloomsbury Herbert Press 2023