Duggan Hockey Memorabilia

Antique Ice Skate with Megan Duggan Memorabilia

Antique Ice Skate with Megan Duggan Memorabilia

Hockey stick
Maker: Reebok
Materials: Composite
When/Where: 2013, Danvers, Mass
Dimensions: Handle: 20 ½ inches Blade: 11 x 3 inches
Olympic gold and silver medalist Meghan Duggan used this hockey stick in the 2014 Sochi Olympics where the U.S. hockey team won the silver medal. Duggan grew up in Danvers and began skating in the Danvers Youth Hockey program and played collegiate hockey with the Wisconsin Badgers between 2006 and 2011.

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team won the Silver medal. Canada’s team won the Gold. One of the women on the U.S. Team was Meghan Duggan who grew up in Danvers. Later that year, she donated one of the hockey sticks which she used in the Olympics. Four years later, Meghan was again on the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team at the 2018 Winter Olympics. This time they beat Canada and won the GOLD.

This ice skate, #1998.19.1A,  was probably used by a child living in Danvers around the early 1900s. One of the earliest skates ever found, dated 200 C.E., was made with an animal bone blade and leather straps. By the 1800s, people replaced the animal bone blade with a metal blade. They still strapped the blade onto their shoes. By the 1900s someone designed a boot with the blade attached to it.