Proposed Town Seal

Red wax town seal

In 1890, Danvers officials formed a seven-person committee to design a town seal. The committee included two women, Miss Lily Rice and Miss Sarah E. (Lizzie) Hunt, the first women allowed to be part of official town affairs. The committee recommended this seal, featuring the Endicott Pear Tree, thought to be the oldest living cultivated fruit tree in America. Surrounding the tree were the words ” DANVERS: ESSEX COUNTY, MASS. PLANTED BY JOHN ENDICOTT/ DISTRICT 1752/TOWN 1757.”

Many Town Meeting members objected to the design and a new committee was formed. After much discussion and many delays, it was decided the seal would feature a Town Meeting in progress. The reason for this decision was included in a report on the proceedings, which stated “The Town Meeting and the habit of public assembly is undoubtedly the fountainhead of American independence and the liberties we enjoy.” This seal can still be seen on official Town letterhead and official documents.