Danvers Town Seal

Red wax town seal

In the Spring of 1892, the Town of Danvers came together in order to create a town seal. The Town Seal, pictured here, was one of the designs proposed during the meeting of March 29, 1892. The seal features the Endicott Pear Tree surrounded by the words, “Danvers, Essex County, Mass. Planted by John Endicott, District 1752, town 1757.” It is made of red sealing wax. Honorable Alden Perley White donated this seal on July 5th, 1894.
Town Seals were, and still often are, a common sight, though you might not always see them. They are unique creations meant to be emblematic of the town, it’s history, and in general a celebration of what the town held dear. Danvers holds the Endicott Pear Tree quite dear. As the seal says, it was planted by John Endicott sometime in the 1630’s and is believed to be the oldest living cultivated tree in North America. Endicott planted pear seeds he brought from England.